2400 Ardmore Blvd.
Forest Hills, PA 15221
(Formerly Ardmore Roller Rink)


Mon-Thurs 6am-9pm
Fri 6am-8pm
Sat 9am-4pm
Sun 10am-2pm

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Fitness Factory 2 is under new ownership.

20,000 Square Foot Facility
Over 100 pieces of Cardio and Strength Equipment
Free Weights
Heavy Bags
Guaranteed Results Wellness Program
Group Exercise
Personal Training
Juice Bar
Friendly, Clean Environment

Silver Sneakers (www.silversneakers.com)
—MSROM - tues @  8:15, fri @ 8:15

Bodypump (www.lesmills.com)
—Tues @ 7am & 6pm, Thurs @ 6pm, Fri @ 7am, Sat @ 10 am

Pilates- coming in sept.

Offering convenient EFT Options drafted directly from a checking account or credit card on a monthly basis.
1 Year Contract- $39.95/month*
6 Month Contract- $44.95/month*
*$25.00 processing fee (one-time fee).

Prepay and Temporary Options also available!

3 Day FREE pass coupon to new members

2 FREE BODYPUMP classes for new members


Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your mind and your body. Exercise helps you feel better, look better and decreases the risk of some diseases. It affects how you feel physically and emotionally. It affects how you look and contributes to your quality of life.

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XFS - Chirofitness
(XFS) is a physician-regulated, wellness, and personal training program designed specifically for each individual to meet his or her optimal fitness, health, and wellness goals.
X.F.S. provides you with all of your fitness and health needs, with a relatively small cost. Plus, this program is covered by many health insurance plans.
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Nourish Yourself Right With Enrich Nutrition. Our personalized Nutrition Plans take into account your...lifestyle, goals, and metabolism.
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